DT member

I am a Design Team member for LEMON SHORTBREAD  from 1.september 2017 

My name is Zvezdana Rot and I'm a very busy Boss in the MAMA 5-star hotel. Our lovely family : me, my husband, son-teeneger with special needs and kind dog Gaja live together in a beautiful house, that has fulfilled our life's dreams. It is located in a small town Pobegi near the coast of our wonderful Slovenia - the only country in the world that has the word love in its own name. Let's stay in love.... I love my garden, where colorful and fragrant flowers inspire my creativity and I love reading, because one life for me is not enought. But most of all I love sewing, crocheting, knitting, crafting .... So last year, I arranged my own studio, where I can express my art feelings. Started three years ago with making cards for family and discover mix-media this spring. On a sunny day in June, I started writing a blog and now here I am : first time a member of Design Team. A big THANK YOU to Vera for choosing me. Her stamps are fabulous and I'm sure you agree! Wish you all to have a lot of great fun !

My cards made with beautiful stamps Lemon shortbread :

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